About the Business Plan Review Night

On November 2nd, 2016, in the Gutman Launchpad, HIVE will be hosting Dr. Jonathan Paul, Assistant Vice President of Finance at Harvard University. Dr. Paul will be bringing a few of his associates, some of the nation’s brightest minds in the world of business and finance, to provide feedback on business plans from HGSE students. Please note that the goal of this event is to help HGSE students in the drafting and design of their business models by offering constructive criticism to their works-in-progress. If you have an idea for a business, draft a business model and come take advantage of this rare opportunity! If you have a more well-thought-out business model, this event holds rich opportunities for you as well. Join HIVE in the second Draft Business Plan Review Night for HGSE, we hope to see you there.

How to make the most of your experience

Just writing a business plan is great practice, and our visiting professionals are not coming judge, but to help! So, write up a business plan and don’t be scared if it’s not perfect. Also, since our guests have serious expertise in the financial sector, we recommend taking a stab at a potential budget as well. Who knows, maybe you’ll be spot on, maybe you’ll be way off! Either way, you’ll get better by doing it.

Recommended References for writing your business plan
 And hey, at the end of the day we’re all busy grad students, so if all you can muster is a verbal pitch, join us anyways! Feel free to take this opportunity to solicit feedback knowing that this event will yield as much as you are willing to commit in personal time and energy on the front end. Please limit your business plan to 5 pages maximum.

Check out this link to a feature in the HGSE News about the Event last year!

  • Excerpt:
    “For the past 10 years, Harvard GSE Innovation and Ventures in Education (HIVE) has provided a space for students and alumni to share new ideas, gain access to resources and networks, and develop solutions to global problems in education. With their newest initiative, the HIVE Draft Business Plan Review Night, HIVE aims to help burgeoning entrepreneurs craft their next educational venture.
  • Working with Professor James Honan, HIVE student leaders organized the first ever business plan review night on Wednesday, November 17 in the Gutman Launchpad. The at-capacity event allowed master’s and doctoral students to sit down with financial experts, including analysts from the Harvard Management Company, to share their visions of new educational enterprises and receive constructive feedback about their work…”

Event Contact Info

If you have any questions regard the 2016 Business Plan Review Night please reach out to our Community Engagement and Special Events Chair:

Zihan Li–zil654@mail.harvard.edu
Ryan Lee–ryl067@mail.harvard.edu

Date: 11/02/16
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Location: Gutman Library, Launchpad (3rd Floor)