Please direct any questions about this event to our Harvard HackED Co-Chairs at the link to the right.

This event is open to ALL undergraduate and graduate students in the Boston area and we encourage everyone interested to apply!
Absolutely! There are no prerequisites for attendance. We will scaffold the experience in such a way that everyone can contribute and learn, regardless of technical or educational experience.
We will email you with more details as the date approaches!
This event has a limited number of participants. We will certainly work to accommodate as many interested applicants as possible! An important criterion for selection is your commitment and presence. Active attendance is required all weekend, to ensure the best experience for those who take part in the event.

Congratulations to these three teams who snagged home the 2016 Hackathon trophies:

Innovation Prize: VR Career Explorers
Social Impact Prize: Tied
Business Potential Prize: College Fit

Hackathon 2016 Teams

VR Career Explorers
(Abdul Ahad Ayub, Jakub Florkiewicz, Yan Liu) -- Using Virtual Reality to help young people explore potential future careers
(Sam Jubaed, Sandrine Lacelle, Akhil Waghmare)
-- Developing tools to identify and support children with Dyscalculia
College Fit
(Santi Dewa Ayu, Steve Desir, Danny Goez, Dan Greenberg)
-- Creating depth and personalization in the college search process

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