2016 HIVE Pitch Competition

“–Dream Big & Pitch It!”

Thank you for joining the 2016 HIVE Pitch Competition. The HIVE Pitch Competition is an opportunity for students from across Harvard University to come together and collaborate on innovative ideas/solutions that address problems in education.

On Nov.10th, 2016, the crowd cheered on as 10 educational innovators amazed us with their ideas to change the world, one innovative model at a time. The ideas expanded our minds across a variety of spheres and contexts. Curating educational projects. Teaching biology using competitive group games. Detecting early dyscalculia. Building career awareness and readiness. New ways of thinking about collaborative education. Empathy. Using music to bridge gaps.

A massive shout-out to the 10 teams who made it to the finale and worked so hard to make judging so difficult, while also setting up hope for just how much we can do. Much gratitude to our judges, who not only graced us with their wisdom, but gave us so many ways to think through their questions. A huge thank you to the supportive audience who kept the spirit of the competition uplifting and encouraging. The Pitch Competition was aptly representative of the passion, innovation, and hope that HIVE stands for!

And lastly, enormous congratulations to the teams who won:

The Winners of 2016 HIVE Pitch Competition

And lastly, enormous congratulations to the winning teams:

The Winners of 2016 HIVE Pitch Competition

Winners: CubbyCase - Freg Ge, Pei-Yu Yang, Randa Awada, Lara Sun, Catherine Kang
Runners-up: Career Mirror - Emily Showmaker, Maryam Alemi, Sam McCabe, Saksham Uppal
2nd Runners-up: StoryBridge - Sylvie Wong, Quinn Lockwood, Zihan Li
Audience choice: EmPath - Tony Emerson, Des Floyd, Main Marei


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About the Pitch Competition

Each year, HIVE hosts an Education Innovation Pitch Competition (“EIPC”), which brings together teams of students and alumni from across Harvard University and beyond to present innovative solutions to current problems in education. The EIPC serves as the keystone in an arc of annual HIVE programming intended to generate new ideas and new ventures with the potential to dramatically accelerate student learning. Past winners of the competition have included Socrative, a mobile student response system, FuelEd, a training program that equips teachers with the social and emotional competencies necessary to establish high-quality relationships in schools, and Room2learn, a platform and design consultancy that tailors school spaces to learning and teaching needs.