HIVE (Harvard GSE Innovation & Ventures in Education) unites students and alumni from across Harvard University around education innovation, providing access to resources, mentors, networks, workshops, and competitions to develop impactful solutions to worldwide education problems.

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Interested in educational innovation and entrepreneurship? Got ideas for connecting and supporting education innovators at Harvard and beyond? Apply to be a part of 2017-2018 HIVE Executive Board! The HIVE Board not only manages the organization’s fantastic portfolio of activities (such as The Pitch Competition, Education Hackathon, and Silicon Valley Trek) but also serves as a platform for new ideas. Application is open to all Harvard students. All levels of experience are welcome. Apply here:



HIVE connects like-minded, innovation, and entrepreneurial students at Harvard to work together on the toughest issues facing education today


HIVE produces numerous events throughout the year to support Harvard students’ entrepreneurial cravings, visit our Events page for more information


HIVE collaborates with numerous organizations, both within and outside of Harvard in the rich and vibrant Cambridge/Boston technology and start-up scene


HIVE Events

Besides our weekly HIVE nights and our three other annual events, HIVE collaborates with various ed tech companies, other universities, and start-up organizations to produce a variety of events throughout the year.

HIVE Nights

A HIVE night happens every week on Wednesday night. Each night has a theme around an area of education entrepreneurship (tech, new school designs, international education, arts, etc.). It is an open space for people to advance their ideas, form teams, solicit feedback from others, and/or design solutions.

Harvard HackED

Harvard HackED, an education hackathon organized by HIVE (Harvard GSE Innovation & Ventures in Education), is a 3­-day event for student teams to propose, design, and test solutions to educational challenges. Mentors and workshop leaders will guide participants through ideation, prototyping, testing, and pitching.

Education Innovation Pitch Competition

Each year, HIVE hosts an Education Innovation Pitch Competition (“EIPC”), which brings together teams of students and alumni from across Harvard University and beyond to present innovative solutions to current problems in education. The EIPC serves as the keystone in an arc of annual HIVE programming intended to generate new ideas and new ventures with the potential to dramatically accelerate student learning.

Business Plan Review Night

New for 2015, HIVE will be hosting Dr. Jonathan Paul, Assistant Vice President of Finance at Harvard University. Dr. Paul will be bringing a few of his associates, some of the nation’s brightest minds in the world of business and finance, to provide feedback on business plans from HGSE students.

Silicon Valley Study Trek

Interested in learning more about innovative schools or innovative ventures in education in Silicon Valley, California? Come join HIVE and students from across Harvard this Spring Break on a trek to visit and interact with different organizations, foundations, and schools pioneering innovations and challenging traditional educational models.

HIVE Event Calendar

Nothing from September 19, 2017 to October 18, 2017.

Partner Events Boston

Nothing from September 19, 2017 to October 18, 2017.


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